UP 3D Character - Russell

Print and create your own 3D-character of Russell (UP)




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Did you like Up, the new Pixar movie by the director of Monsters Inc.? Now we offer you something to do with your hands.

You'll only need a printer, scissors, a bit of glue and, of course, your hands. This papercraft is really well done and it will take you or your children not a long time to create it. Once it's created, the adventure will have just started.

How to create the 3D-character of Russell
First, download and print the two pages included. Then, use scissors or a craft knife to cut out Russell's body, flag, and each of his arms. Be careful with dashed lines, they are just for folding, don't cut following them.

Once you've cut out all the parts, fold the body and glue the tabs to create a box that will be the backpack of Russell.

Finally, fold each of Russell's arms in half along the dashed line and glue the two sides together. Glue each arm to Russell's sides.
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